Sunday, December 2, 2012

Steak Out 12.1.2012

Paul and Jackie, that steak was amazing.  Really, some of the best meat I've tasted in my life.  Cooked to perfection.  Impressive!  But, next time, if you really want your steak to shine, don't serve the most decadent macaroni and cheese I've ever tasted with it.  Because all I can think about is that scrumptious cheesy pasta...with its delicate crunchy topping (I'm salivating right now.)  Mmmmmmmm.  Can somebody please make me that mac and cheese for my birthday?  I'm not kidding.

Real men wear purple.

Thanks to the company Jackie worked for in 2002...

Avocado and shrimp never tasted better...

But the mac and cheese stole the show.

This Pinot was so unusual, intriguing, and frankly almost impossible to put down.

Paul and Jackie shared details from their recent trip to Japan.

Delectable lava cakes with a river of chocolate hiding inside...Yum!

And we all fit on the new couch.  Hooray!

New best place to buy steak?  Local Yocal  Just check it out.

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  1. Really a fantastic evening. Great food, vino, and company. Looking fwd to the Bend.