Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mariachi Madness 5.4.2017

We are starting to learn that Jordan always has a surprise up his sleeve when it comes to wine dinner. Part way into our delicious Mexican themed dinner matched with wines from Cotes du Rhone, a Mariachi band came through the front door and treated us to a private concert.  Toe tapping, sombrero wearing, sing along goodness ensued.

Perhaps the photos will tell more of the story of the evening.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Can I Get a Kangaroo with That? 1.28.2017

Paul and Jackie chose the mysterious, yet oh so tasty wine of Austria for our January wine dinner.  Then Paul proceeded to create the most unbelievably good Austrian food I've ever tasted.  I had schnitzel once in Germany at a famous German restaurant, made by Germans! And Paul made it better.  He really did!  I hate to say I was surprised...but hey, I kinda was!  I mean, he's a good cook and all, but he truly outdid himself (and the Germans) for this meal.

And as Jed says, the spaetzle Paul made was very special, indeed.

I could go on and on, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

And last but not least, I had to document the "twins"

Italy 11.10.2016

We hosted a wine dinner at our house shortly after the presidential election.  Not only was this several months ago, but I'm fairly certain I was drowning my sorrows that evening.  All I remember is we served some food I had bought on a recent trip to Italy.  I also shared a wine I had purchased there.  I have only 1 photo from the event.  Thankfully, it's of the food, not my tear-stained post-election face.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Bordeaux and the Perfect Quail 9.5.2016

It was Labor Day 2016.  First, the wine group FAMILIES descended upon the Davis home for snacking, swimming, and warm-up drinking.  I don't have any photo proof of this, but it did happen.  And it was wonderful!

Then we sent the kids home, rested up a bit, and reconvened for the serious stuff, which was some top notch French dining and wine.

Jed was in the groove as he doled out NOLA inspired dishes that had our mouths watering.  The most notable dish was, of course, this perfect tiny quail:

I could stop right there.

But I won't.  Because we also had other amazing dishes like crawfish beignets, smothered scallops, sweet potato cakes with roasted kale, and creme brûlée (which made farm boy Cody so very happy.)

And I was even surprised with a little birthday movie featuring some photos and video from my birthday bash in Ft. Worth- thanks for putting that together, Jed!

A good time was had by all

Saturday, September 3, 2016

So Much Wine 9.3.2016

For kicks, I went back through all the photos from EVERY wine dinner and pulled all of the pics that have someone holding wine in their hand (or wine glasses front and center.)  Judging by the photo evidence, we've had a good time.

Birthday Break 8.13.2016

We interrupt this regularly scheduled wine blog for some unexpected and most exciting birthday news.  I turned 40, and since I write this baby, I can write about anything I want, right?

Besides, it involves the same cast of characters- our wine group gathered for a mystery birthday weekend to celebrate my birthday.  Cody arranged it all, and I loved every minute of it!

We started at the Kimball museum in Fort Worth where we received a private tour from our very own docent.  She was incredible.  I loved hearing all the interesting facts and details about the art she showed us.

We checked into the historic Ashton hotel then headed for dinner at Ellerbe Fine Foods.  Oh. MY.  The entire menu was delicious and we had so much fun together.  We even brought along some Domaine Serene for the occasion. 

The next morning, I was totally shocked to discover Cody had planned a segway tour.  I was nervous at first, but it wasn't too hard to get the hang of it.  It was a blast!  I want to do it again sometime!

The best part of the weekend was that I was surrounded by friends who love me.  I felt incredibly spoiled and tremendously loved.  Thank you everyone for making it a birthday I will never forget!

At Vestals 5.6.2016

We gathered at J and E's catering hub for the royal treatment, and it did not disappoint.  We enjoyed a many course meal surrounded by the peaceful ambience of candles and a beautifully set table.

Because I am writing this 4 months after it happened, the details are a little fuzzy.  I mostly remember some very good wine, excellent food, top notch service, and the warm feeling I experience when I think of time spent surrounded by friends who love and care for each other so deeply.

Life (like wine) is best experienced in the company of true friends.