Sunday, December 2, 2012

Burgandy Reds 2.2.2012

Cest Arrive!

Looking forward to being together on Thursday evening.

An idea (thanks to the Campbells): Many Burgundies require room to breathe, if you would like to drop off your wine at our place before Thursday we will open them so they will be ready to drink on Thursday.

I know that the Campbells have a white (Chardonnay) not quite sure the location, we bought a Cremant du Bourgogne (Sparkling), and a couple of bottles of Nuit st Georges (Pinot Noir).

We are working on the menu and the ideas for entertainment...although I think that most of the night will be spent trying to wrap our minds around understanding the history, style, terrior, bottling, naming, labeling, and profiles of Burgundy wine.


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