Sunday, February 28, 2016

Is It Chile In Here? 2.27.2016

The theme: Chile.  The food: better than typical Chilean food, thanks to Paul and Jackie.  The wine: running the gamut from bold Cab Savs to Carmenere blends.  The table conversation: Quotable.
The laughter: Unstoppable.

All Hands On Deck 11.2.2015

The deck was finally finished so Cody and Becky did the best possible thing to christen it.  They hosted a wine dinner outdoors.  It was dark.  It was winter.  It wasn't too cold, though.  In fact, I know the guys weren't feeling any chill around the fire pit, especially thanks to the hard liquor.

Thanks for helping us break in the new deck everyone!

Sushi Sake 4.6.2015

Jed and Greta graciously treated our group to a private table at Sushi Sake for an evening of great food and wine.  We were relieved to find the table had an underground opening for legs and that we would not be spending the next 3 hours on knees or criss cross applesauce.

Paul and Jackie came in costume (of course…overachievers!)

A beautiful evening was enjoyed by all.