Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pinot Noir 10.26.13

It was a night centered on one variety: Pinot Noir.  Each couple brought a Pinot Noir from a different location.  We had wine from France, California, Oregon, Chile, and Spain.  The meal was decidedly French.  The entree was a mushroom tart.  It was followed by Tourin d'Ail, a garlic soup Cody and Becky enjoyed in the Dordogne region of France.  Then we feasted on a salad of tossed greens, green lentils, fried parsnips, and duck breast.  After that came the fromage course of about 6 delicious cheeses specifically recommended for pairing with Pinot Noir plus a special 98 month aged cheddar Jordan and Emily brought from Vermont.  We finished with salted caramel chocolate shortbread bars.

I was struck, as always, by the depth of authentic conversation shared at the table.  Our topics ranged from travel anecdotes, to stories about our kids, to meaningful conversations about faith and generosity.

We used special wine glasses designed for drinking Pinot Noir and were amazed at the way the shape of the glass magnified the sense of the wine on the nose.  Maybe there's something to all the different shaped varietal wine glasses after all.  Perhaps that will require more research on our behalf? (wink)

There were lots of warm, lovely photos from the evening.  Enjoy the slideshow.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cool Summer Wines 8.19.13

We gathered at Jed and Greta's to celebrate the dog days of summer with cool white wines.

We were treated to course after course of amazing food!

 real men know how to wrap spring rolls

 shrimp and vegetable spring rolls

 cool cucumber soup with a hint of spiciness

 flavorful cod

the richest chocolate dessert known to man

I was so busy catching up with everyone, I failed to get photos of the wine bottles.  Cody and I brought a Bergerac Sec we picked up in France.  If you want, please leave a comment reminding me what type/vineyard you all brought??

After a leisurely dinner, we took a field trip to Jordan and Emily's new house not even half a block away.  I think we were all a bit shocked to see what exactly Jordan means by a "blow out remodel."
I think not one inch of that house remains untouched by construction.

The moon was full, our stomachs were full, and our hearts were full.  
Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup
(eat well, laugh often, love abundantly)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Southern Rhone Wines 2.2.13

What an evening.  Perhaps it was the lighting, but the photos have a romantic, warm, rich feel to them.  More likely, it's that they are reflective of the time we spent together enjoying foods of Provence and wines of Southern Rhone.  Our hosts, Jordan and Emily, created a welcoming retreat from the hectic busy-ness of life into a cozy experience for the senses.  The food, the wine, the company around the table was lovely, lively...refreshing.

Goat cheese gratin, scallops, fennel puree, baguettes, salted butter, Winter pistou, lamb curry, lemon lovers tart, cappuccino...

Then, of course, there were some top-notch wines.  The Domaine Mas Du Bouquet inspired slight fondling of the bottle, and Jordan's brandishing of the Chateau Paul Mas at the end of the meal was like Jesus turning water into wine and the guests exclaiming, "They have saved the best for the last!"