Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bootleg Wine Dinner 3.1.14

It was a night made possible by Jimmy's Italian Food Store, the bountiful wines of Italy, and our hosts…even though one of them was on injured reserve.

We feasted on many foods from Jimmy's including this giant vegetable lasagna which requires 20 people just to put it in or remove it from the oven.

It all began with delicious appetizers served from a tray Jackie bought at the Taj Mahal.

Once Jordan arrived and told us what to do, we dove in and sampled some fine Italian wine.  Several of which were purchased from, A.K.A. "The fastest way to spend way more on wine than you wanted."

The food was amazing.  Stuffed mushrooms, a fresh take on Caesar salad, Lasagna, Osso Bucu, and cannolis.  And as always the table was full of rich conversation and laughter.