Friday, March 6, 2015

Argentine Wine (&Tango) 2.27.2015

We risked our lives driving in snow and ice to arrive at Jordan and Emily's to partake in amazing wine, food, and fellowship.  We were all prepared to spend the night if necessary.

The Argentinian food Jordan prepared was delicious- and his empanadas were almost as good as the ones Becky made. (see first wine dinner 10.1.2011)

The evening was going "swimmingly" well when suddenly a bit of unexpected craziness stepped into our lives.

It was later determined that the "craziness" was actually a tango instructor and her dance partner cleverly employed by Jordan to give the group tango lessons.

I probably need to let that sink in a bit.  Those of you who were tipsy that night- it was NOT a dream.  We actually did tango lessons in the living room, and I have quite a lot of photographic evidence to prove it.

It just goes to show one never knows what to expect at these wine dinners we share…