Friday, September 9, 2016

Bordeaux and the Perfect Quail 9.5.2016

It was Labor Day 2016.  First, the wine group FAMILIES descended upon the Davis home for snacking, swimming, and warm-up drinking.  I don't have any photo proof of this, but it did happen.  And it was wonderful!

Then we sent the kids home, rested up a bit, and reconvened for the serious stuff, which was some top notch French dining and wine.

Jed was in the groove as he doled out NOLA inspired dishes that had our mouths watering.  The most notable dish was, of course, this perfect tiny quail:

I could stop right there.

But I won't.  Because we also had other amazing dishes like crawfish beignets, smothered scallops, sweet potato cakes with roasted kale, and creme brûlée (which made farm boy Cody so very happy.)

And I was even surprised with a little birthday movie featuring some photos and video from my birthday bash in Ft. Worth- thanks for putting that together, Jed!

A good time was had by all

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